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Certificazione PSV
Plastica Seconda Vita


Top quality plastic extrusion

Welcome to Plastisar, an Italian company specialized in polystyrene extrusion.

Founded in Reggio Emilia in 2001 by two partners, very young at that age yet pretty well trained because of their experience in the plastic field.
The two carreers joined together into a unique project, to create high quality, customisable semi-finished products, to meet the different needs of the market, at the lowest impact.

Why Plastisar

We founded Plastisar to satisfy a main need: creating a superior quality product, to meet the demand for top performances, safety and still have a low impact on the planet.

This is why we are the ideal partners for thermoforming companies, in different fields: horticultural, building, automotive, heating and plumbing and others. 

What we produce is polystyrene sheets and film rolls, both virgin and regenerated, which we customise for the different industries.

Our main and inspiring goal is meeting the requests of our clients. 

Working on custom products, anyway, doesn’t mean taking loads of time or lacking punctuality. When we think to our clients’ satisfaction, managing urgencies and delivering timely are definitely part of the process.

Lowest Impact, Highest Quality

At Plastisar we know the supply chain in depth: that’s why we accurately select our raw material. We know it’s a crucial step to obtain trustworthy products, and to reduce pollution and recycle efficiently. 

High standards mean low environmental impact. 

This is why we constantly invest in innovative machinery and technologies.

Thanks to our close bond with our customers, in 2020 we have achieved the PSV – Plastica Seconda Vita (second life plastic) certification. 

PSV is the first Italian and EU trademark dedicated to recycled plastic. 

It controls and assesses the quality of all the plastic materials involved and, also, traces all the recycled materials. This certification is important for a double purpose: it serves as a marker of a low environmental impact, and it also allows our customers to compete in public calls with all the criteria required by the Italian Ministry decree of 2011, February 22nd.

Our Values

We have a few, simple and essential values to guide our work



Relationship with our customers

We have been working with a bunch of clients for years now, even if we are not a huge company. And that’s how we like it! We love the dialogue with them, listening to all their needs and understanding how to fulfill them, always.

Back in 2018 we started to constantly invest on a significant renewal of all our machinery and systems. Our extrusion lines can produce up to 1.400 kg/hour (3086 lb), thanks to the centralised technology that interlinks the whole production system. We can supervise every single phase of the production, with high precision and in real time. 

No delays for our customers, no confusion for us.

Eventually, all our equipment has an automatic control system, to guarantee our sheets and rolls meet the highest standards, are smooth and standardised, to meet the desires of the pickiest among our customers. 

We know that quality is not just a word to showcase, but a warranty of safety for the final product. And, we also know that delivering products on time enables everybody to work happily every step of the way. This is what concerns us. 

Here’s why these are our values: few, simple and very solid.